Project Development

Project Development and Implementation

Marking Concept Definition, Planning, Designing, to Development, Bifrost holds remarkable expertise in this field. Strong management oriented development methodology custom made to each challenge is key to all success stories.

Even though, R&D is a continuous phenomenon overseeing changing business environment and ways to deal with those. Our fundamental project development management methodology structured to undertake project developments covering Manufacturing Facility, Business Organization, Service Oriented Industries including Healthcare Facility Development and similar.

Product Innovation and Placement

Constantly changing consumer behavior along with advancements in technologies has enhanced use of multimedia and strategies to reach to a broader range of end users. Consumer’s capabilities with increased accessibility to media lines have grew into a viable marketing tool for the branding marketers and developers. Our experts take challenges for projecting client’s product in such manner that will ensure production to large audiences and to generate positive feelings among audiences for the product.

In the US product spending on product placement estimated to about $4.75 billion in 2012 an increment of over 10% from the 2011 for $4.16. US by far, the largest product placement market accounting about 56% total worldwide spending.