Joint-Venture and Relocation

Joint-Venture, Negotiation and Implementation

Relocation of Business or Manufacturing Facility

Most common worries for an entrepreneur while seeking foreign alliance must be among all is Language barrier, Cultural and Environmental differences, Product acceptability, Market and social behavior, Organizational pattern and workers practice, and most importantly Profit and or Capital repatriation.

BL’s foremost responsibility to season an entrepreneur with every detail and information well in advance. Consultants and associates from a particular region remain dedicated for a Joint-Venture or Relocation case to be developed in that geographical location. And helps foreign part at each step to get accustomed into new environment. With utmost devotion, consultants who are deeply conversant with Laws of the Land conduct Product feasibility, Partner Evaluation and Selection, Establish Understanding and Synergy between partners, Participate in Negotiation Process, Structure and Register legal Company, Remain vigilant for Extended Services.

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Businesses and entrepreneurs from developed countries  considering relocation or seeking strategic partner in developing  mainly among ‘Next Eleven’  countries are welcome to take our services. Our concentration directed to Businesses  and Project Development  in ‘Next Eleven’ countries.

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