Urgent Care/Surgical Center Dev. & Maint.

This specialized service encompasses at the development and maintenance of healthcare facilities particularly URGENT CARE and SURGICAL CENTER and has been created to make things working for professional engaged therein.

Our Powerful Management Solution guarantees in saving
You over Thousands Of $  at the end of each year

The Concept

The understanding exercised behind creation of this great solution was our comprehensive experience gathered from practical and physically handling of various acute problems that persists in healthcare facilities especially surgical centers and hospitals. These are sensitive and intense nagging repetitions contributing from;

  • Improper / negligence in maintaining machinery, equipment and accessories.
  • Human error / inexperience.
  • Faulty process line / unnoticed malfunctions.
  • Non-existence of regulatory bench marks.
  • Failure in implementing State and HIPPA compliances.
  • Inefficient management.

And if these issues are not addressed with experience and in timely manner, usually devises to major disruption in functionality of the facility. Besides, requirements for huge additional fund for revival from these situations, there are other serious ramifications like;

  • Patient’s care may be seriously hampered or limited.
  • Waste of working hours.
  • Temporarily close facility close out / Suspension of License.
  • Burden of facility re-evaluation (inspection) by the licensing authority.

Bifrost has systematically evaluated each of the constituent factors that are consistently subscribing to enforce a facility to become dysfunctional. And has developed powerful solutions to ensure proper maintenance and work environment. Our approach to the problems encompassed to secure and protect interest of a facility, professionals, and the entrepreneurs. Our active considerations were as follows;

  • Let the professionals GO FREE to dedicate in their line of engagements. Rather than scooping out precious time in dealing works that otherwise can be performed by our One Stop management service.
  • Relieve doctors and executives from the HASSLE of locating and contacting over dozens of ‘service providers’ / ‘vendors’ to take care of machineries, equipments and instruments installed in a facility.
  • Relive from Time Consuming effort in locating and negotiating contact with each service provider. Call as many different service providers at each occurrence to fix a specific problem.
  • Avoid Administrative and Managerial burden in the form of overstaffing employed to keep contact with service providers, scheduling, record keeping, contract renewal, writing checks and bookkeeping for each of those vendors at the end of each month or quarter or after each occurrence.
  • Create a perfect remedial that will ensure trouble free access to work place, to machineries and to use equipments at each time a professional intend to use them.
  • Research, locate and negotiate best PURCHASE DEALs for all medical and facility equipments required.
  • Provide consultancy, plan, and execute facility expansion or build new facility under TURNKEY basis.

List of commonly purchasable items required for Surgical Facility Medical and Surgical

Recliner ChairDecontamination/Washer
Vital Sign Monitor and AccessoriesMain Steam Sterilizer
Patient Weighing MachineCounter Top Sterilizer (back up)
Instant Blood Sugar Testing MeterSterilized item Packing Paper Rack
Stretcher/GurneyDI / Reverse Osmosis Water System
Surgical Ceiling Lightening & TowerCrush Cart
OR TableHypothermia Cart
Nurses Key Lock BoxSuction Pump for Crush Cart
Secured Narcotic Storage BoxDefibrillator with Printer & Paddles
Wheel ChairOxygen Cylinder
IV PoleGases System for OR and PACU
Refrigerator for Medicine onlyAnesthesia Machine
Linen Storage Stand/Frame/RackCapnography Monitor
Stainless Steel Mayo StandBlanket and Fluid Warmer
Lead ApronRadio Frequency Ablation Machine
Lead Apron StandC-Arm/X-Ray/Imaging Machine
Lead Thyroid CollarAll Type of Carts for Medical Use
Aspiration Units for OR & RecoveryIce Maker for OR and Hypothermia
Medicine Cabinet/Storage/RackRefrigerator for General Use

List of office equipments

Computer, Desktop and LaptopFront Office Furniture and All
Shredders and other EquipmentsFiling Cabinets
Bifrost - Surgical Operations
Bifrost - Surgical Equipments

List of Rooms that Bifrost will setup

Front Office/Patient Waiting RoomConsult Room
Doctor’s Office/Discussion RoomPatient Changing Room
Pre-Operative Room (Pre-Op)Post-Operative Room (PACU)
Soiled/Decontamination RoomDI/Reserve Osmosis/Compressor Room
Sterilization/Clean Utility RoomClean Supplies
Medicine StorageGas Cylinder Storage Room
Doctors Dictation AreaLinen Storage
Equipment RoomUtility Room
Business RoomOperators/Manager’s Room

Bifrost provides following maintain services single handed by specialists and saves you from contacting and negotiating many different service providers

Equipments/ServicesService ProviderNoBifrost
Monitors, Accessories and SimilarBio-Med Service1Bifrost
Recliner Chair and StretcherSpecialist1Bifrost
Anesthesia Machine/Gases & AccessoriesSpecialist1Bifrost
OR Table/OR Tower EquipmentsSpecialist2Bifrost
C-Arm/X-Ray/Imaging MachinesSpecialist+Physicist2Bifrost
DI Water/Reverse Osmosis SystemSpecialist+Physicist1Bifrost
Blanket WarmerSpecialist/Bio-Med1Bifrost
Gases for OR/PACU and Pre-OpSpecialist1Bifrost
Ice Maker/RefrigeratorSpecialist1Bifrost
Medical Waste RemovalSpecialist+Physicist1Bifrost
Fire Evacuation Training & Paste ControlSpecialist(s)2Bifrost
Even in a small medical center or surgical facility, Bifrost replaces about 15 specialist service providers to just 1.