Business Representation

Bifrost act as the strategic partner for entrepreneurs, exporters, business entities, institutions and organizations interested mark their presence in the USA market and in other global markets as well.

We and our network of cooperating consultants positioned internationally do assist organizations and individual entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe in claiming their market share by analyzing, identifying and developing specific market segment that suits their aspirations. Our approach in handling each assignment is custom made to cater your specific requirements. Bifrost provides unambiguous services to you to establish gateway between you or your organization to anywhere USA or to any other great international markets or regions.

Do not get lost. Do not waste fortune for sake of developing a gateway or business in a place that you do not know. Bifrost offers you more than what you have in mind.

Bifrost provide assistance in the following

By availing one or more of these services you definitively save effort, time, travel, huge money otherwise needed for making an entry in an alien frontier. In addition, this projects higher percentage of probabilities in succeeding the venture.

Marketing AspectsInfrastructure RelatedFactors for Success
Market StudiesMarket Studies Office Space & Services (Tele, Off Address, Etc)Approach & Expertise on the Assigned Subject
Market IntelligenceMarket Intelligence Employee(s) Support Accounting/BookkeepingCommand on Land/Region/People’s Behavior
Sale/Seller’s Representation (Voice for you & your Co.)Travel/Transportation/ShippingPre-knowledge on Target Market Behavior
Securing Market SegmentLegal ServicesCooperative Consultant’s Accumulated Expertise
Trade Show ArrangementRegistration as Foreign Co.Motivation to Succeed
Product PlacementPrimary Contact PointInnovative and Powerful Tools Applied

By taking advantages of service offered in the above arrangements, you may establish your own office and representation in USA and to other international cities of your interest. You do not have to be physically present or need costly employment, neither office with services facilities nor tiring travel. And more so all above services can be availed only with fraction of money that you would otherwise require for initial investments. One of our consultants will be dedicated to deal with your interest only 24/7.

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For more details contact us now. Represent Your Self or Your Company Without Being Physically Present.

It is an innovation and great contribution to business world. Bifrost have it meticulously created for you.

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