Business Services

Our Business Services are the provisions that provide solution to individuals, groups, businesses and institutions. With agents and consultants located around the globe, Bifrost LLC. is uniquely positioned with core skill and knowledge that contributes competitive advantage, higher performance and business successes to clients.

Enterprises engaged or pursuing a stake in global market, face extraordinary challenge and obligation to employ huge resources comprising mainly;

Competitive Market Awareness

Competitive Market Awareness is fundamentally an advance identification of all risk and advantages associated…


Establishment of Market

Market establishment and sustainability requires evaluation of criteria like market intelligence, producer’s business plan…



Management of organizational and industrial workforce requires adequate planning, preparation and training for achieving…


Market Regulated Factors

Guiding principle inspiring the conception of the market factors regulations generally influences regulations on the choices…



Time being the essence of success, requires planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time…



Finance in business refers to broad spectrum of activities and disciplines encompasses around the management…


And if, any among these constantly changing factors are not addressed with skill and in timely fashion, they may single handedly or collectively create serious constrains that ultimately result in business failure or unsustainable loss of growth. Bifrost LLC. with most experienced consultants gathered around the major business hubs concentrate organizing client’s interests reducing all above factors especially Finance, Time and Workforce to a bare minimum and comprehends blue print for success.


Working With Us

Bifrost is methodical and professional in providing unique business services solution, management and correlated services to enterprises intending to develop local and/or regional markets. An array of services encompassing management and administrative aspects are designed for local and regional businesses, enterprises and institutions to ensure Cost Reduction, Quality Work Performance, Time Management, Human Resources Management, Employment, Project Development and likewise.

Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Management
  • Staffing
  • Employment
  • Recruitment

International Trade/Business

  • Raw cotton marketing and wholesale
  • Readymade Garments and Textile Products
  • Explore and Determine Export Market and Orientation
  • Product and Services Sourcing
  • Search, Contact and Negotiate with Business/Entity
  • Establish Strategic Alliances and Cooperation
  • Organize and Participate in Trade Fair
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Management
  • Franchise for branded Hotel, Food Chain and Services
  • Compliance and Legal Issues

Bifrost has an extended interest in working with individual, businesses and entities from developing countries. We take challenge to place some of these companies on the horizon of today’s competitive global market. Dramatic Developments in information technology created a closely knitted business world available to each and every business mind scattered all over the globe. It is a shame if such opportunity is not availed due to lack of communication skill, fear of international competition, poor finance and support. Bifrost encourages all such entities to Contact us Now and we will take from there.

Our Activities

Business Services

Our Services

  • Business Administration

    Bifrost combines the functionality, performance, management operations, and decision making to transform an entity to an efficient organization. By developing contemplated policies, resources available to a client are directed for maximizing goal achievements and to secure objectives. In actualizing, Bifrost’s consultants often considers management factors specially those associated with technical and operational aspects as subset and concentrates on Planning, Organizing, Coordinating, Administering, and Monitoring.

  • Product Placement

    Constantly changing consumer behavior along with advancements in technologies has enhanced use of multimedia and strategies to reach to a broader range of end users. Consumer’s capabilities with increased accessibility to media lines have grew into a viable marketing tool for the branding marketers and developers. Our experts take challenges for projecting client’s product in such manner that will ensure production to large audiences and to generate positive feelings among audiences for the product.

    In the US product spending on product placement estimated to about $4.75 billion in 2012 an increment of over 10% from the 2011 for $4.16. US by far, the largest product placement market accounting about 56% total worldwide spending.

  • Healthcare Facility Development & Mgt
  • International Marketing/Business

    At Bifrost, we carefully consider components like export, franchising or full direct entry of an organization’s product or services for fabricating strategy tools for entering to another country. More specifically encompassing factors, like;

    • Product/Service offered
    • Pricing
    • Branding, Placement media(s)/tools availability
    • Promotion and localization
    • Competitive co-existence
    • Customization
    • Communication and delivery
    • Political and social environments

    are deliberately evaluated for creating custom made marketing strategy for a particular country. The strategy usually varies from country to country based on factors indicated and are prevailing in a particular country. In addition, adequate emphasis is posted for establishing joint-ventures for localizing the product and faster growth.

  • Representation & Business Contact
  • Human Resources & Management
  • Project Development
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Individuals, Businesses, Enterprises and Institutions  looking for professional business solutions or correlated service requirements take our support and organized assistance.

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