Business Services

Competitive Market Awareness

Bifrost LLC. is a gatherer and analyzer of market related information to deduce that to intelligence about products, customers, competitors, policy changes, including issues comprising environmental aspects for an organization to make correct decisions for future actions. Competitive Market Awareness is fundamentally an advance identification of all risk and advantages associated with a particular business or product or services and formulate to actionable intelligence which is both ethical and a legal business practice. Our Market Intelligence supports better decision making and enables organizational agility by allowing key performance metrics identified and addressed in daily basis based on changes in essential market factors.

Establishment of Market

Market establishment is analytical, conceptual and potential growth opportunity for a product or services offered in to a market. This will requires constant monitoring and road map for implementation throughout its development and implementation phases. Market establishment and sustainability requires evaluation of criteria like market intelligence, producer’s business plan, marketing strategy, finance, existence of market competitions, and market behavior. Comprehensive and well-functioning market tools will assist achievement of ambitious marketing objectives by facilitating least-cost and in a relatively shorter span of time.


Management of organizational and industrial workforce requires adequate planning, preparation and training for achieving proper orientation and strength conforming to the needs of the establishment. Having identified and analyzed organizational requirements, Bifrost creates unique solutions adapting customized training to diversify skill and abilities, professional developments, supervisory competence, and leadership developments.

Market Regulated Factor

Guiding principle inspiring the conception of the market factors regulations generally influences regulations on the choices and market opportunities of the firms. Market factors refer to: economic regulation concerning market access (i.e. the external marketing environment including government policies and regulation), the use of inputs, output choices, product differentiation, pricing, international trade, availability of finance, and a firm’s internal environment, including means for communicating regulatory requirements to the public as well as compliance procedures.


Time being the essence of success, requires planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. Time management in the modern times has become increasingly challenging and usually a necessity in any time management. For time management, we meticulously consider focusing aspects like prioritize, crisis management, time and finance availability, environment conducive to effectiveness and likewise.


Finance in business refers to broad spectrum of activities and disciplines encompasses around the management of money and other valuable assets, even though, in simplistic way can be put as act of bringing money into an organization. Is one of the core components in business and the fundamental regulating factor over scope, objective, time frame, growth, sustainability and other internal environment of an enterprise.