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Client Services

Individual and organizational approach towards handling of business constantly changing pattern and height owing to rapid and continuous changes...

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Business Services

Our Business Services are the provisions that provide solution to individuals, groups, businesses and institutions. With agents and consultants located...

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Our Team

Bifrost welcomes skilled and experienced professionals, groups and entities from around the globe to join with us. We look for extraordinary...

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Welcome to Bifrost

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Bifrost LLC. is a global management consultancy and business services provider. Our collective experience is dedicated to businesses, institutions, and organizations. Bifrost’s team of talented consultants and associates provide advises and services to clients with solutions and guidance to excel, expand, and grow & to sustain. One major competence is our expertise to provide Business Services, promote and bring global entities to join hands to setup Joint-Ventures. Bifrost has developed and posses commendable capabilities in introducing and positioning business entities on new horizon and truly believes and performs ‘Bridging the Gap’.
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Our Services

  • Business Administration

    Bifrost combines the functionality, performance, management operations, and decision making to transform an entity to an efficient organization. By developing contemplated policies, resources available to a client are directed for maximizing goal achievements and to secure objectives. In actualizing, Bifrost’s consultants often considers management factors specially those associated with technical and operational aspects as subset and concentrates on Planning, Organizing, Coordinating, Administering, and Monitoring.

  • Product Placement

    Constantly changing consumer behavior along with advancements in technologies has enhanced use of multimedia and strategies to reach to a broader range of end users. Consumer’s capabilities with increased accessibility to media lines have grew into a viable marketing tool for the branding marketers and developers. Our experts take challenges for projecting client’s product in such manner that will ensure production to large audiences and to generate positive feelings among audiences for the product.

    In the US product spending on product placement estimated to about $4.75 billion in 2012 an increment of over 10% from the 2011 for $4.16. US by far, the largest product placement market accounting about 56% total worldwide spending.

  • Healthcare Facility Development & Mgt
  • International Marketing/Business

    At Bifrost, we carefully consider components like export, franchising or full direct entry of an organization’s product or services for fabricating strategy tools for entering to another country. More specifically encompassing factors, like;

    • Product/Service offered
    • Pricing
    • Branding, Placement media(s)/tools availability
    • Promotion and localization
    • Competitive co-existence
    • Customization
    • Communication and delivery
    • Political and social environments

    are deliberately evaluated for creating custom made marketing strategy for a particular country. The strategy usually varies from country to country based on factors indicated and are prevailing in a particular country. In addition, adequate emphasis is posted for establishing joint-ventures for localizing the product and faster growth.

  • Representation & Business Contact
  • Human Resources & Management
  • Project Development